Eyes Of Ghosts EP

by Cup of Sun

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Three songs released on a rainy January day, all written and recorded around the holidays of 2014. Loops and samples from the open-source site Looperman are used throughout this EP with many thanks.


released January 15, 2015

© Sam Dillon 2015
Minor2Go, Piano on "Fog".


all rights reserved



Cup of Sun New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Fog

Waiting on a heart
hear the winter branches snap
feel the weight of snow collapse
waiting for my bones to crack

christmas shoppers break a neck
clutching plastic to their chests
all I pray for on these lonely lonely lonely days is less
my brain cannot escape this mess
and rest

christmas shoppers stuck in traffic
they can't get their money back
it's all these wasted hours it's tragic
it's all these hours I'm wasting magic
it's all these passive dreams, I've had it
pastel color schemes and acting
it's life inside these walls of mine
I'm calling time and finally retiring
it's why there is no why
I'm only tired
I'm only tired
I'm only tired
Track Name: Tower

pull the tower
from the deck
deconstruct and reconnect
heave the spirit
from the marrow
to the mirror
and reflect

falling bodies
foreign bodies
for we embody
in the flesh
the faulty remnants
of following our
blind selves to the death

and challenging
the changing winds
that chase us westward
not again

the choice we have
the blank check
the chance we finally get

we left behind
our bold decisions
like a fading bet on black

the wheel is spinning
a new beginning
at the end

I feel you in me
like a fire gypsy
whistling round the bend
I feel you in me
like a fire lindsay
won't you stick around a bit?

I heard your laughter
and decapitated
I just wanted to
let loose the locks
and liberate it

I watched your eyes
exploring mine
and flashing light
into the space
behind the ancient cave
where I
was baptized by the bats
and finally saved

I felt your graceful skin
expose itself
damp and heaving
wet and peeled off every layer
underneath your pulse was beating

I tasted lips like tangerines
sweet and tongued the darkness
breathed in all your mystery
and felt my heart beat back
the hardest clap
a falling star
I hardly knew
how far

and I feel you in me
like a fine whiskey
tumbling from the jar
and I feel you in me
like a fire gypsy
stumbling from the bar
Track Name: Parishioner

won't you let me in
I am your parishioner
knocking in the wind

I am all forgiveness
can't you see my hands

to unveil all the sympathy
in symmetry
that's supposed to be
as simple as a kiss

I have been a captain lost
searching in the dark
lost - tossed by waves
don't know where to start
lost - a captain lost
searching in the dark
lost - tossed by waves
don't know where to start

I wish that it would rain upon us
wish I knew the cost upfront
where have you been all my honest
days I stayed

alone at midnight waiting on a megabus to nowhere

and that was how we gathered up
the courage to leave
knowing we wouldn't be alone
at least

you give me warmth into the night
water and a flame to feed
not being chased by the monster for once
what more could I need?

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