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Øff the upcoming album: CARTØMANTIC


Carry The Darkness

the night of the saddest gun
if you had one
would you have pulled it?
and when your ex showed up
with a metal hunk
but forgot the bullets
I turn your story raw
inside my head
but I can't imagine we
almost never met
and I wouldn't even know to regret the tragedy

oh we had to be lovers in another life
I can see us lying under cover of a summer sky
but we'll have to be buried at some other time
I am not prepared to see you carried off into the light

you told me once you're a different set of cells
than you were seven years ago
you said I've shed that skin and it's time for me
to begin to let it go
you told me god was dead but instead of dreading death
you felt spiritual
I asked you what that meant and you said
it's a lie that I like to tell myself

you say I carry the darkness around with me
and it's an awful burden
you say I pray like murders my sermon
and I sing like my house is burning down
to the ground
well maybe I'll just still learning how
to be found
and not carry the darkness around with me
because it's an awful burden

and I feel the lock turning in my chest
and I'm caught in the festival lights of your eyes
and the rest of my life is at best just a lie
and at worst I'm still thirsty for death or for dying because I
carry the darkness around with me


released 27 March 2014
Sam Dillon: Vocals + Music + Production + Design

Samples from the open source music site Looperman are used throughout this album, with gratitude.



all rights reserved


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